🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉

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Join us as we try to solve some of the biggest issues of our time. Hack for Impact is your chance to put your skills to the test. We invite you to join one of our impact tracks that will be lead by an expert. At the end of the day, all the teams will pitch to the audience and the audience together with a jury will decide on the winners in 4 different categories.

Everything you need to know

  • Bring your own computer
  • The times for the hackathon is between 12:30 - 19:30
  • All the solutions created have to be open source
  • All the communication related to the hackathon will be managed over Slack
  • If you have a hackathon ticket, show it during registration to receive a special hackathon badge
  • All hackathon cases will be published on GitHub

Weather challenge

Major flood events are happening with increasing frequency worldwide, making access to more precise weather information an absolute necessity.Climate mitigation (Sustainability Development Goal No 13) and development of sustainable cities (Sustainability Development Goal No 11) are fundamental to leverage the sustainable communities of the future and to create positive impact for people and the environment. Existing data, obtained from various sources, are important factors to understand the status of societies and the environment, that can be utilized to create value for citizens or decision makers. The challenge is to find a solution that helps people foresee high resolution weather data forecasts short term in order to take appropriate actions.

Logistics challenge

The logistics industry in all its’ complexity is changing – digitalization, electrification, e-commerce, industry 4.0, authorities demanding transparency and new regulations with regards to emissions.In the latest progress update on SDG #12 – Responsible consumption and production - the UN writes “Worldwide material consumption has expanded rapidly, as has material footprint per capita, seriously jeopardizing the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12 and the Goals more broadly.”Combine the urgency to change the way we consume and source materials with the shifting logistics industry, and we see an opportunity to make an impact. Your challenge is to come up with a solution that can help detect fraudulent shipments. A solution that can, based on information sharing, alert or detect suspicions behaviors or happenings.

Food waste

Globally, about one third of all food produced is wasted. Given that agriculture and food production cause up to 23% of yearly net global greenhouse gas emissions, this (largely avoidable) waste represents an opportunity to eliminate a substantial driver of human-caused climate change. Your challenge is to create a technology-based solution to put an end to food waste in the home.

Digital health

The healthcare system is facing a digital revolution. Whereas traditional healthcare services required the physical presence of patients, the trend is to provide digital care when possible and physical when needed. Apart from making healthcare more accessible for patients, digital consultations, when used correctly, also allow for increased efficiency. The cost for healthcare is increasing rapidly along with problems such as long waiting times and unsustainably high stress levels among medical personnel. In order to tackle these problems, we believe in working smart and leveraging on all the possibilities digitalization has to offer. Given a brief description of someone’s health issues your challenge is to, in free text, extract relevant medical information from reliable online sources and present it in a safe and easily usable manner.

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